Met the Sasquatch! – Things we know so far

Today, while i was waddling on Alaska, i met ??????! He was so nice, but a bit sensitive and Shy, so when everyone crowded him, he got scared and began to cry! no

My phone recorded the conversation, and look! He was crying poor thing! So, there are more things we know about this creature! Here are a list of things:

  • Pretty Old.

  • Hairy- Has a Penguin Beak.

  • Sensitive.

  • Gives backgrounds.

  • Get’s easily scared by penguins.

  • Doesn’t like snow. (He said ”Shakes off snow”)

Hmmm…We know a lot now!This creature isn’t used to Penguin habits of crowding famous people, such as Rockhopper™! Here you can see a picture of my encounter: yas!

As you can see, i’m warning penguins to not crowd him!

So, Have YOU met this creature before? Tell me in the Comments below!


4 thoughts on “Met the Sasquatch! – Things we know so far

  1. I’ve met Sasqautch 4 times to know he hates to be crowded because he is shy.He has cried before because someone threw snowballs at him and says “Get outta here you big fatso”
    I wanna help ???? And stop those who want to hurt him

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