Have we caused the Sasquatch to appear?

Anyone remember The Prehistoric Party this year? When Gary took us to the past to help Garugg the Ugg? Well, remember the consquences? 3 things changed! Also, remember the sasquatch?

Well, here’s my theory:

First, how did we change the past to change the rooms? There’s no way, but remember the Megalodon who escaped? Well, what if there was something else Frozen on the ice Berg…Maybe a SASQUATCH! Maybe he escaped! Remember the Mountain before this party?  NO Mountains! But After the Party, what appeared? Well, if you said Soup, you’re Wrong! But if you said mountains, then you’re correct! This creature has the strength to manipulate the earth’s crust and create several mountains! The Creation of new mountains could have altered the look of the new Ski Hill. But what about the Forest? Well, maybe before deciding to create a mountain so he could create a cave to live in, he probably lived in the Forest! To a Creature so strong it shouldn’t be too hard to move a Rock and make it into a cave! But when the first penguins appeared, he got scared! He probably then decided to move to the mountains! That’s why, on present day, he gets scared of penguins!

Also, Some penguins wonder ”why does he just show up now? After all, he’s been here for a while, since he has a beta Hat”. Well, he didn’t show up now, maybe he showed up before! What we created when freeing the Megalodon was a Paradox! What’s a Paradox?

  • When you change events from the past which lead to whole new events in the future!

So what do you think? Did we cause this creature to appear? Yes, it may be complicated, but , it could be ,right? Please tell me your thought, and look out for this creature!


One thought on “Have we caused the Sasquatch to appear?

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