2014 in Club Penguin – An year in review.

Hello Penguins!

Today we’re gonna Recapping 2014 in Club Penguin! l’m gonna review it in many different aspects.

1 – PARTlES:

Parties in 2014. Should we call them parties? Or Complete dissapoinments?! (Note: The Violetta statement is a joke)

Prehistoric: Lack of fun – Some decorations – New Puffles – MEDlUM

The Fair: Fun- Enjoyable – Things to do – GOOD

Muppets: Unoriginal – Not fun – Some decorations -Not much to do – BAD

Puffle Party: Fun – No Domains – New puffles – Not much to do – MEDlUM

Future Party: Fun – Some deocorations – Not much to do – MEDlUM

Penguin Cup: Enjoyable – Not much to do – Not many decorations – MEDlUM

”Music Jam”: Few room – Violetta – Not much Music – Not much to do – Barely a Music Jam – HORRlBLE

Frozen Party: Nothing to do – No Mascot – Unoriginal – Easy – New Puffle – BAD

School & Skate: School – Not much to do – New Room – Some decorations – BAD

Halloween Party: Many decorations – Reused decorations – Great storyline – Fun – Enjoyable – GOOD

Pirate Party: Some decorations – Storyline? – Not Much to do – BAD

Merry Walrus: Some decorations – Reused rooms – Not Much to do – New Puffle – No lights or Fireworks – BAD


A Graphic showing the parties overall


This year, a total of 24 Puffles have been released! Just 2 of them were original. There were way too many puffles.

These can only be taken care of my Members, so when your membership expires, you can’t walk them, or play with them.

Also, none of the new puffles can be taken care of at your igloo! This is probably just a way for Club Penguin to get you to go to the new, unecessary rooms.

puffle year

Most of the puffles are animals, making them completely boring. They all have the same personality too. The only 2 puffles which can be considered original, are the ghost and Crystal puffles. Let me just point out one of them is dead…

3 – THE APP:

The Club Penguin app has been released on the Android devices, but apparently, the app means trouble to the online

version! Why? According to an interview in Riffycp.com’s interview with Polo Field, the reason there are barely ANY decorations on CP, is because, apparently. the app is their top priority. Problem? lt shouldn’t! The Main priority should be the Online game! For Example, this year we WON’T be any fireworks during New year’s eve, because it’s too hard to add it to the app! This is terrible, and the worst thing CP could do!  The App should not add limits to the game, but destroy them! Also, this is proof the CP team is lazy. A Proper Disney game should just go with it. lt’s hard to appreciate their help when barely anything good has been done. Some people are suggesting CP to add only the important part of the party to the app. l think this is a GREAT idea, and CP should go with it.

So, that is my 2014 Club penguin review! Thank you very much for reading, and now it’s time for the final score!


Bad Parties – Too Many Puffles – Barely any fun

Hope you enjoyed!

– 007 Bond 50


Club Penguin Creativity EXCLUSIVE : Purple unicorn puffle?!

Hallo penguins! Today, while watching the  Unicorn Puffle Music Video l noticed something odd in the Unicorn puffle’s house.

ln the background, you can see many YELLOW  unicorn puffle pictures, but one of them caught my eye. lt was a Unicorn puffle, but it wasn’t yellow, with light blue hair. lt was PURPLE with black hair, and what appears to be yellow tips (or vice versa)!


Before you say anything. lt can’t be the lighting, since other pictures can be seen normally, and it’s not a normal purple puffle. lt’s a legit Purple unicorn puffle! We’ve seen yellow, white and black unicorn puffles, now, there will be a purple one!


Better Quality

Better Quality

waaaaaThis leads to my question. ls this a hint for a new puffle, maybe coming with a new Puffle Wild update? Maybe a future Transformation?

What do you think of this discovery?

Will it be obtainable?

Comment your thoguhts below!

Star Wars Rebels Takeover – Review


Happy new year! lol, so late.

Anyway, recently, the Star wars rebels takeover begun on CP, yay?

ok, so let’s start!


Ok, so, the rooms! There are just 7 rooms. yep, 7. Plus, a SECRET room no one knows ab-

What?, Everyone knows about it? Ok –

Well…. Moving on!

Even though this rooms may look fantastic to Star Wars Rebels fans who know about the rooms, they they are not that great honestly. Some of them look empty ,Snow Forts, for example.



Oh yeah right…..



There was so much to complete like the tasks we all feel we’ve completed before! Also, those totally not repetitive lightsaber battles! l almost forgot the final mission which made no sense to the storyline anyway! which takes me to…



Oh, the beatiful storyline! A strange ship from Star Wars appears on CP, right when we are about to get invaded! Also, how Kanan can send you messages even though he’s supposed to be trapped! Wait what?!


Final score:


Way to start the year -_-

How to send Postcards to Mascots!

Hallo Fellow Penguins!

Today, l’ll teach you how to send postcards to Macots!

Things you’ll need:

 A Club Penguin account (DUH!)

10 Coins.

Being friend with a mascot.


Step 1:

Open your mail.


Step 2:

Press ”New Message”


Step 3:

Select a mascot you have added


Step 4:

Choose a postcard

Note: You’ll need 10 coins to buy one.


Step 5:




2014 in Club Penguin – Puffles in review


AMAZlNG! 2015 starts this Thursday! How exciting!

Today, l’m going to talk about…….. PUFFLES!

That wasn’t so Dramatic cause you probably read it on the title :/

Anyways, this year 24 puffles appeared on the island! Thanks PH

Out of this 24 puffles, only 2 of them were originals. This post will be divided by puffles, and the new features.

So, moving on!


Dino Puffles! The first group of puffles in 2014! There were a total of 6 puffles in 2014.


As you can see, all of them have different colours, but not different designs. The Design changed every 2 puffles, and you couldn’t even choose colours! Also, there weren’t new colours, just the same as before with a small twist, which another puffle would already have! l think only 3 puffles with different designs would’ve been enough. Also,they all have the same dancemove and Puffle Digging action! Just jumping. ln my opinion not the best move.


Cat and dog, the most cliched pets EVER, not that i don’t like them, but like the Dinosaurs, not creative at all.


Like the dino puffles, no new colours, no new dance moves, just blue and orange puffles with a twist. They do have however Different Digging actions.


Snowmen puffle. This puffle would go in the creative puffles list, if it wasn’t Olaf, from Frozen.


The Olaf Puffle was the first puffle in 2014 to appear alone. This puffle doesn’t have a new colour. lt’s just another white puffle with a twist! The Olaf puffle does however, have a unique dance action, and puffle digging action.


The first puffle to enter the original puffles list in 2014. New Colour, New Digging animation, new personality

ghost puffle

However, he doesn’t have a new dance action, and let’s not forget it’s dead…..


The wild Puffles. What can l say about them? Let’s see….


Not Creative! No new colours, no new dance moves, no original ideas, just existing animals, turned into puffles (4 each animals) and given different colours. Something CP has been doing this year is recoloring. lt was fun when all the puffles had different new colours, new personality, new dance moves and recently new Digging actions.. These have none of the things l mentioned before. l’m completely dissapointed with Club Penguin.


lt’s Awesome to be Rare,but what a pity that you’re not.


Once again, Club Penguin is recoloring! Remember the Medieval party last year? Yep, the Unicorn Puffle was a transformation. So they just got the cutout, recolored it,added a beak (?) and made it a puffle. Also, this puffle wasn’t rare. lt just came from the same app with other 12 puffles! This puffle has the same Digging action and  dance action as the Wild Puffles.


The second original Puffle of the year. New Colour, new digging action, New Material.

Blue crystal

This Puffle does however, have the same dancing action as the others.


The Worst Part about 2014 with Puffles was taking care of Puffles. No, none of the new puffles have an interface, so you have to walk them to the Puffle Park, or hotel to take care of them. That’s absolutely annoying! l hope CP doesn’t make this mistake next time!


Puffle Digging is great feature, but most puffles dig the same items, and it’s not that fun anymore. l hope there are new items next year!

That’s My Review on Puffles from 2014! l think however, they should be careful on how many Puffles they make! 24 is too much!

Waddle on and….


The Puffle Wild, or not just that?

Hallo! Recently, a new Club Penguin app has been launched. This one’s called Puffle Wild. Why’s this? This is because the wild puffles live there. However, Do only wild puffls live there? Recent evidence, confirms not just puffles live there! One of the most mysterious creatures of Club Penguin has been shown to live there in a Recent Music Video, Which also confirms puffles can talk. Odd. BACK to the creature. This creature is none other than the SASQUATCH! *DUN DUN DUN*


We have finally discovered where the Sasquatch came from! l don’t think we can call this the Puffle Wild anymore can we?

What do you think of this discovery? Where does the Sasquatch come from exactly?

Comment your thoughts down below!

What’s coming in December?

Hallo penguins! Today, Polo Field has posted a new blog post concerning what’s happening in December! Here’s what he said

Happy Monday, Penguins!

Behind-the-scenes, the team’s been working on seriously EPIC stuff. And this December’s going to be a HUGE month in Club Penguin history!

Here’s what’s coming:

1. Merry Walrus and Coins For Change!
To celebrate all kinds of traditions around the world, there’s a brand new Club Penguin holiday this year. It’s the first annual Merry Walrus Party and everyone will get an exclusive first-edition hat! Of course, Coins For Change will be part of this historic event, so save those coins…

2. Club Penguin on Android™ Devices
You heard it here first—the Club Penguin app will arrive on the Google Play Store™ Dec. 18, with the Merry Walrus Party and Coins For Change. That’s right—parties will be available on Android, too. Nice, hey?

3. Puffle Wild on iPad and iPhone!
The wait is over… Puffle Wild will be available on iPad and iPhone devices around the world on Dec. 4. Thanks to everyone who helped us geo-beta test the app in Australia and New Zealand! We’ll also be releasing a crazy music video next week. Be prepared to meet Glitterpants! 😀

4. New TV Holiday Special Coming Soon
This one is HUGE: we’ve collaborated with Disney Interactive Labs to bring the Club Penguin story to TV for the first time… with a new holiday-themed special! The show will premiere on Disney Channel later this month. Of course, we’ll be posting some sneak peeks, air times, and an exclusive “making of” video right here on the blog. Stay tuned for more!

What are you most excited about? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Until then… Waddle on!

Amazing right? Onto the pictures! The First picture seems to be the Merry Walrus tree! The second one will be a penguin in the new Holiday Special! Then, last but not least, the special hat we’ll be getting during the party! Exciting right?

Basically: New hat, ”New” party, New App and New Special! December’s gonna be great!

Merry Walrus special and Party sneak peeks:


Club Penguin’s Holidays!


Recently, a lot of information about what’s coming in December has been discovered!

To begin with, let’s talk about the new Club Penguin special coming out this December : ”We Wish you a Merry Walrus

Official Synopsis:

Set on Merry Walrus Eve, the story follows a seafaring penguin named Roofhowse who arrives at Club Penguin Island only to find himself wrapped up in an unexpected festive adventure! Following a magical Blue Crystal Puffle, Roofhowse and his new friends journey to the fabled Merry Walrus Island and learn that they must band together to stop their favourite holiday celebration from being silenced forever.

WOW! Another Pirate is coming to Club Penguin? Amazing! As you can see, Merry Walrus is Club Penguin’s very own version of Christmas (in this case, Chistmas Eve) However, that’s not all the stuff that’s been released! Here you can see some pictures fom the behind the scenes and the Special itself:

cp special cp special2 cp special3

lt looks great so far! Now, onto the Holiday party online, here’s what we’ve been told:

To get Club Penguin fans in the spirit, the online destination will also host a special in-world party, the first ever Merry Walrus celebration, from the 18th – 31st December. Players participate in Merry Walrus’ quirky traditions to celebrate giving. The whole island will become a decorated winter wonderland where players take part in mini-quests to spread festive cheer, which include decorating the tree to festive food fights, and searching for six blue crystal puffle ornaments hidden around the island. Players will be rewarded for their efforts with items and at the end of the final quest, Merry Walrus will appear to present members with their very own blue crystal puffle, which they can keep as a memento after the party ends. Players will also be able to donate their virtual coins to the annual global Coins For Change initiative to help unlock projects funded by a $1 million donation from Club Penguin to charitable causes around the world.

WOW! So the Merry Walrus will visit the island along with Roofhowse! This sounds epic! l can’t wait to get a blue crystal puffle!

Are you excited for the party? Comment below and Waddle on!

Are they Robots? Pirate Party theory.


Recently, with the pirate party coming, the page clubherbert.com has updated showing the following:clubherbert

This has lead many (even myself) to believe that we’ll fight ROBOT crabs. This was suspected because of the blueprint to the left. However, the recent note by Rockhopper, shown on the new times issue has made me doubt this:


lf you payed attention, lt says:

…Thar always be pirate crabs…

Always? ALWAYS?!  Why doesn’t it make sense? Well, because lt states he meets them on Swashbuckler Trading Post, and the first time we knew about this island, lt was 2012, and oh, no crabs there! We can also assume Rockhopper knew about this island long before us, since he always get resources there. So, lf the pirate crabs are new inventions… how could Rockhopper know about them, or at least know they are ”always” there?!

That’s why lt would not work…..but, how could it work?

Maybe, Herbert kidnaps these little pirate crabs and turns them into cyborgs to steal Club Penguin’s treasure? Or could the simply be Robot replicas? This could explain why they always make the same movements on the telescope, and there are only 3 different variations.


Another thing which leads me to believe this is the rumors section on the newspaper. lt says  Herbert has built a submarine. This could easilly be trusted, since the picture on Club Herbert shows a periscope. Why is this important?! What if after building the telescope, instead of going to the Club Penguin island he went to Swashbuckler Teading post, where he dismantled the submarine and began building/turning the pirate crabs.The Cave he’s in could be part of the island too.cr2

What if he’s plan was to build/turn the pirate crabs, hijack Rockhopper’s ship, go to the Club Penguin island with his ”army”, steal the treasure (which came out of nowhere, if you ask me) and take over the island?! This does seem possible!

What’s YOUR opinion? What do you think will happen? Do you agree with any of these?


Club Penguin Creativity is back!


lt’s me, 007 Bond 50, and l confirm Club Penguin creativity is back! This time, the blog’s not posting daily news, but awesome myths, theories, rumors and ideas about Club Penguin! You can always contact me through Twitter if needed!

Hope you enjoy, and Waddle on!