Dot – The Disguise Gal

Quote: “I was never here. Agreed?”
Dot is an agile agent who specializes in disguises and never loses her cool. She is the backbone of the EPF team, who can lead a mission with steel and style.
Favorite snack: Tuna Surprise
Favorite game: Hide and Seek
Where you might find her: Dot has yet to be spotted wandering around Club Penguin. She’s that good with her disguises…
Random facts:
  • She created the “Klutzy” disguise so agents could infiltrate Herbert’s Hideout in Operation Blackout
  • She saved former PSA agents from a popcorn explosion in the mission “Veggie Villain”
  • She likes to create low-tech disguises
  • She loves the Stage and has reviewed plays for the Club Penguin Times

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