Club Penguin Creativity EXCLUSIVE : Purple unicorn puffle?!

Hallo penguins! Today, while watching the  Unicorn Puffle Music Video l noticed something odd in the Unicorn puffle’s house.

ln the background, you can see many YELLOW  unicorn puffle pictures, but one of them caught my eye. lt was a Unicorn puffle, but it wasn’t yellow, with light blue hair. lt was PURPLE with black hair, and what appears to be yellow tips (or vice versa)!


Before you say anything. lt can’t be the lighting, since other pictures can be seen normally, and it’s not a normal purple puffle. lt’s a legit Purple unicorn puffle! We’ve seen yellow, white and black unicorn puffles, now, there will be a purple one!


Better Quality

Better Quality

waaaaaThis leads to my question. ls this a hint for a new puffle, maybe coming with a new Puffle Wild update? Maybe a future Transformation?

What do you think of this discovery?

Will it be obtainable?

Comment your thoguhts below!


Are they Robots? Pirate Party theory.


Recently, with the pirate party coming, the page has updated showing the following:clubherbert

This has lead many (even myself) to believe that we’ll fight ROBOT crabs. This was suspected because of the blueprint to the left. However, the recent note by Rockhopper, shown on the new times issue has made me doubt this:


lf you payed attention, lt says:

…Thar always be pirate crabs…

Always? ALWAYS?!  Why doesn’t it make sense? Well, because lt states he meets them on Swashbuckler Trading Post, and the first time we knew about this island, lt was 2012, and oh, no crabs there! We can also assume Rockhopper knew about this island long before us, since he always get resources there. So, lf the pirate crabs are new inventions… how could Rockhopper know about them, or at least know they are ”always” there?!

That’s why lt would not work…..but, how could it work?

Maybe, Herbert kidnaps these little pirate crabs and turns them into cyborgs to steal Club Penguin’s treasure? Or could the simply be Robot replicas? This could explain why they always make the same movements on the telescope, and there are only 3 different variations.


Another thing which leads me to believe this is the rumors section on the newspaper. lt says  Herbert has built a submarine. This could easilly be trusted, since the picture on Club Herbert shows a periscope. Why is this important?! What if after building the telescope, instead of going to the Club Penguin island he went to Swashbuckler Teading post, where he dismantled the submarine and began building/turning the pirate crabs.The Cave he’s in could be part of the island too.cr2

What if he’s plan was to build/turn the pirate crabs, hijack Rockhopper’s ship, go to the Club Penguin island with his ”army”, steal the treasure (which came out of nowhere, if you ask me) and take over the island?! This does seem possible!

What’s YOUR opinion? What do you think will happen? Do you agree with any of these?


Whatever happened to the Sasquatch?

Hallo fellow penguins!

Something tht’s been concerning me is…what happened to the Sasquatch?!

This creature, hairy creature, came out of nowhere, waddles (Or whatever he does) around the island, and leaves!

Just like that! ls there a backstory to this? Maybe he was just a distraction sent by Herbert? No one clearly knows, but you can know Club Penguin Creativity will be here with the latest updates on the topic!

Till then, waddle on!

Posts and pages concerning the Sasquatch:

Sasquatch profile.

Sasquatch? Or not at all?

Have we caused the Sasquatch to appear?

Met the Sasquatch! Think we know so far.

Snowman puffle?!

While l was waddling around the Ski Hill, it began to snow! Something was going on! Then l saw it : A white puffle,But it had something different, a carrot as a nose! Also, it wasn’t a white puffle, it was a SNOWMAN PUFFLE! l Quickly got my camera and took a picture of this little Fella’, who then ran away. After that, it stopped snowing. Maybe this little puffle has been causing the weather changes! Who knows though…

Here’s a picture of the snowy puffle:IMG_1033

Have we caused the Sasquatch to appear?

Anyone remember The Prehistoric Party this year? When Gary took us to the past to help Garugg the Ugg? Well, remember the consquences? 3 things changed! Also, remember the sasquatch?

Well, here’s my theory:

First, how did we change the past to change the rooms? There’s no way, but remember the Megalodon who escaped? Well, what if there was something else Frozen on the ice Berg…Maybe a SASQUATCH! Maybe he escaped! Remember the Mountain before this party?  NO Mountains! But After the Party, what appeared? Well, if you said Soup, you’re Wrong! But if you said mountains, then you’re correct! This creature has the strength to manipulate the earth’s crust and create several mountains! The Creation of new mountains could have altered the look of the new Ski Hill. But what about the Forest? Well, maybe before deciding to create a mountain so he could create a cave to live in, he probably lived in the Forest! To a Creature so strong it shouldn’t be too hard to move a Rock and make it into a cave! But when the first penguins appeared, he got scared! He probably then decided to move to the mountains! That’s why, on present day, he gets scared of penguins!

Also, Some penguins wonder ”why does he just show up now? After all, he’s been here for a while, since he has a beta Hat”. Well, he didn’t show up now, maybe he showed up before! What we created when freeing the Megalodon was a Paradox! What’s a Paradox?

  • When you change events from the past which lead to whole new events in the future!

So what do you think? Did we cause this creature to appear? Yes, it may be complicated, but , it could be ,right? Please tell me your thought, and look out for this creature!

New Game called Sled Racer!

The President of Club Penguin have decided to open a new game at the Tallest Mountain called ”Sled Racer”. To be honest, it’s really dangerous! First because of the fact that it’s the tallest mountain, and also with this creature waddling around…

However, there are radars around the mountain to see your score (how far you sled down).Even though it’s really dangerous, some penguins really enjoy, for example penguins who don’t get so hurt because they get scores over 1000! Unlike me.

Also, while the Helicopter was taking me to the top, a strange puffle could be seen.This puffle looked like a moose, or a reindeer. Maybe this creature was found by PH and is planned to become adoptable during the Frozen Party  coming this month, due to it looking a lot like Sven (A Main character of the film whose costume is available at the Clothes shop).

The strange puffle....

The strange puffle….

Saquatch? Or not at all?

Lately, a strange creature has been found on Club Penguin Files at the EPF , this creature hs been called ”Saquatch” by penguins. Also, according to some penguins, this creature was seen on the island, walking. Here’s an interview with a penguin who met the Saquatch on the island:


CPC: Hello.

Metsas-quatch: Hello.

CPC: Tell me, you met this strange creature on the island?

Metsas-quatch: Yes, it was very creepy.

CPC: How did it look like?

Metsas-quatch: Well, it was very hairy! Brown fur,beard, and it had a beak.

CPC: A Beak?!

Metsas-quatch: Yes, a penguin beak. Also, it was wearing a Beta Hat.

CPC: Hmm, a Beak and a Beta Hat? Anything else which you found remarkable about this strange creature?

Metsas-quatch: Yes, it gave me this background!

CPC: Thank you very much Metsas, hope to see you soon! Bye!


What Could this mean? A Beak and a Beta Hat?

What we know for sure:

  • Has a beak, which means this creature could be some sort of Penguin.
  • Has a Beta Hat, which probably means this creature was here for a long time.
  • Has a Beard.
  • Has a Background.

Here is a picture of the creature found in the Forest:



Gary made some research and disocvered a full body image of the creature, however,there’s no name for it:


Finally, here’s a picture of this creature at the Mine Shack.



Hmm, is this creature really a Sasquatch? He could be just a penguin who got lost after the Beta test Party, but what’s with the claws? Could this creature be living on the cave at the mountain?

Remember to tune in for the latest news about this creature!