Are they Robots? Pirate Party theory.


Recently, with the pirate party coming, the page has updated showing the following:clubherbert

This has lead many (even myself) to believe that we’ll fight ROBOT crabs. This was suspected because of the blueprint to the left. However, the recent note by Rockhopper, shown on the new times issue has made me doubt this:


lf you payed attention, lt says:

…Thar always be pirate crabs…

Always? ALWAYS?!  Why doesn’t it make sense? Well, because lt states he meets them on Swashbuckler Trading Post, and the first time we knew about this island, lt was 2012, and oh, no crabs there! We can also assume Rockhopper knew about this island long before us, since he always get resources there. So, lf the pirate crabs are new inventions… how could Rockhopper know about them, or at least know they are ”always” there?!

That’s why lt would not work…..but, how could it work?

Maybe, Herbert kidnaps these little pirate crabs and turns them into cyborgs to steal Club Penguin’s treasure? Or could the simply be Robot replicas? This could explain why they always make the same movements on the telescope, and there are only 3 different variations.


Another thing which leads me to believe this is the rumors section on the newspaper. lt says  Herbert has built a submarine. This could easilly be trusted, since the picture on Club Herbert shows a periscope. Why is this important?! What if after building the telescope, instead of going to the Club Penguin island he went to Swashbuckler Teading post, where he dismantled the submarine and began building/turning the pirate crabs.The Cave he’s in could be part of the island too.cr2

What if he’s plan was to build/turn the pirate crabs, hijack Rockhopper’s ship, go to the Club Penguin island with his ”army”, steal the treasure (which came out of nowhere, if you ask me) and take over the island?! This does seem possible!

What’s YOUR opinion? What do you think will happen? Do you agree with any of these?