Are they Robots? Pirate Party theory.


Recently, with the pirate party coming, the page has updated showing the following:clubherbert

This has lead many (even myself) to believe that we’ll fight ROBOT crabs. This was suspected because of the blueprint to the left. However, the recent note by Rockhopper, shown on the new times issue has made me doubt this:


lf you payed attention, lt says:

…Thar always be pirate crabs…

Always? ALWAYS?!  Why doesn’t it make sense? Well, because lt states he meets them on Swashbuckler Trading Post, and the first time we knew about this island, lt was 2012, and oh, no crabs there! We can also assume Rockhopper knew about this island long before us, since he always get resources there. So, lf the pirate crabs are new inventions… how could Rockhopper know about them, or at least know they are ”always” there?!

That’s why lt would not work…..but, how could it work?

Maybe, Herbert kidnaps these little pirate crabs and turns them into cyborgs to steal Club Penguin’s treasure? Or could the simply be Robot replicas? This could explain why they always make the same movements on the telescope, and there are only 3 different variations.


Another thing which leads me to believe this is the rumors section on the newspaper. lt says  Herbert has built a submarine. This could easilly be trusted, since the picture on Club Herbert shows a periscope. Why is this important?! What if after building the telescope, instead of going to the Club Penguin island he went to Swashbuckler Teading post, where he dismantled the submarine and began building/turning the pirate crabs.The Cave he’s in could be part of the island too.cr2

What if he’s plan was to build/turn the pirate crabs, hijack Rockhopper’s ship, go to the Club Penguin island with his ”army”, steal the treasure (which came out of nowhere, if you ask me) and take over the island?! This does seem possible!

What’s YOUR opinion? What do you think will happen? Do you agree with any of these?



Club Penguin School & Skate Party review.

Hallo penguins!

Today l’m back to reviewing Club Penguin’s parties! Today, it’s the School & Skate party’s turn to be judged.

So let’s start by the first point,

1. Tasks.

This party’s, like the Frozen Party’s, task was just a scavenger hunt. This Hunt was completely easy, but a bit harder than the Frozen Party’s. How do you expect me not find an item when there’s a whit outline around it, and it’s on  strange place to be?       This ”task” was a fail.

2. Rooms.

This party only had 9 rooms on the east side of the islnd decorated.This were:

  • Mine Shack
  • School
  • ClassRoom (Party room)
  • Gym Class (Party Room)
  • Forest
  • Plaza
  • Stage (Mall)
  • Pizza parlor
  • Skate Park (New Room-Party Room)

This is pretty reasonable, since the School is on that side of the island. However, the cove wasn’t decorated, and l think Club Penguin lost a great chance there.

3. ltems

Once again, we face the ”Only-head-and-hand-items-for-non-members” Virus.

Oddly, there was  face item, but it just seems a sketch Club Penguin didn’t finish. Also an igloo was given to every penguin.

The items this party were pretty good, but l’m really hoping for a Non-Member body item.

4. Reasons/Storyline

This party did have a reason, which was to donate for countries such as Haiti and Ecuador to help build schools!

This was something  very nice from Club Penguin, but did we really need a WHOLE party for this? Also, Rookie didn’t have time to control the school? More like Club Penguin was too lazy to make two different classes.

This party is a good one, but l wish there was something to do in it. l still suggest you play on the App, if you have iOS, since there’s much more fun (Penguins changing color in Art Class and becoming bigger on science class) As well as the skation effects. l give this party a 7.50/10

What’s your opinion on this party? Please make sure to comment below and Waddle on!

Mystery October…


Recently, Candomba13 (Spanish Blogger) has posted some great sneak peeks on the blog!

Here’s a translated version of the post:


l know this is gonna be a HUGE surprise, but for those wondering about the October party…Redy to know?!



lt’s full of Scary frights! Be Prepared to get scared!

What do you think will happen this year?

Hmm, those sure look interesting! What do you think these pictures might mean?

Staying in topic, some files have been found containing this party sentences, check them out below!

  • Greetings! My great uncle Gariwald is here for Halloween. He’s a ghost investigator!
  • Indeed! I’m investigating the paranormal events at the Puffle Hotel. Expect my report next week!
  • Gariwald was investigating ghostly events in the Puffle Hotel. What happened to him?
  • It’s not gonna work without power. We’ll have to check that spooky Basement.
  • That trapdoor goes to the Basement. That’s the only way to get power back to the elevator.
  • Those switches gotta control the power. Try flipping them!
  • Tricky switches huh? Try flipping them all in a row a couple of times.
  • Yikes! Was that a g-g-g-ghost puffle!? They gotta be the ones haunting this place.
  • Did they take Gariwald?! We better use the elevator to search the hotel.
  • You know, there’s nothing on the 13th floor anyway.
  • I bet those ghost puffles are hiding something. Can you see any clues?
  • That’s what they’re hiding! Pieces from the ghost catcher upstairs!
  • This looks like a part from one of Gariwald’s ghost catchers.
  • There must be one somewhere in the hotel! That thing is just what we need.
  • If we collect all the pieces, we’ll be able to stop this scary haunting stuff.
  • OK, so where’s the ghost catcher? Maybe it’s on the 12th floor? It isn’t the 13th, for sure.
  • That’s the last piece! Sweet! Now we can use the ghost catcher on the 12th floor!
  • We gotta put out those candles. Try throwing snowballs at them!
  • Those spooky flames are blocking the way!
  • Where do those hallways go? There’s something weird going on.
  • Whoa. Is this the same room? Did anything change?
  • There’s something strange about those hallways.
  • The arrows on the walls! Those must be a clue. Whichever ghost set this up was super clever!
  • Eeek. Do you think that sleeping puffle is hiding something? Dude looks sketchy.
  • Oh maybe we can make the light wake up that sleeping puffle! That’s tricky…
  • That sleeping puffle carving, does it look like it’s hiding something?
  • You’ve almost got it! Now make the light go all the way around to the puffle!
  • Whoa. Nothing much on this floor.
  • There could be a clue in the gross pool. But I’m hoping it’s in the pumpkins instead.
  • Eww. Should these pumpkins be growing here?
  • There’s a button down there. But can you find your way through the maze?
  • That ghost portrait is creeping me out…
  • Yikes! Nothing to see on this floor.
  • Check those emotes. Maybe that’s a clue to these wicked riddles!
  • Yikes, a talking gargoyle! What does it want?
  • Keep trying those emotes on the wall! That gargoyle looks mean!
  • Ahh! Ghost puffles! Be careful!
  • This is it! Step on that button to capture these awful ghost puffles.
  • That machine look like Gariwald’s ghost catcher. But it’s missing pieces!
  • Just a few more pieces and we can totally stop the ghost puffles.
  • Do you think we could use it to stop the nasty ghost puffles? Then maybe we’ll find Gariwald.
  • Quickly, step on the button! That’ll start the ghost catcher!
  • NICE! You caught all the puffles. Now their ghost energy is bottled up.
  • Everything has worked out just the way I wanted…
  • Oh my! He’s tricked us both. Can you escape your cage somehow?
  • Could you short out the fusebox? That’s what controls your cage, you see.
  • You’re almost there. Simply hit the release button by the machine and we’re free!
  • No way! I’m not letting you mess this up. It’s my ticket to the big leagues!
  • Show him what for! Hit the rubble to distract him!

So, Ghost puffles, puzzle solving, ghost busting, mazes, and a new 13th floor on the puffle hotel!

This sure does look epic! However, makes me wonder why do we bring Gariwald to the island…all he does is bring ghosts!

The Hotel will be consisting of 13 floors:

  • Basement
  • Lobby
  • Gym and Spa
  • Roof
  • Deluxe Suite
  • Dining Room
  • Ballroom
  • Pool   (This probably explains the third picture)
  • Library
  • Luxury Suite
  • Balcony
  • Storage
  • 13th Floor

Now, the Halloween party has taken over the Website! lt’s announced on the Login Screen, Homepage and the background! Cool Huh? Here are the pics:



Home Screen/ Login Screen:


Also, The Membership page gave us a glimpse about the collectibles, including Puffles!get


The Plaza from the Club Penguin App has been leaked! Check it out below:


The puffle hotel looks AWESOME!

This looks fantastic, and a bit creepy!

What are your thoughts on this party? Let me know below!

School & Skate party – Rookie Meetup times!

For the School & Skate Party, Rookie will be waddling around the island to celebrate! Here are some Meetup times for you to meet him! Enjoy!

Thursday, September 25th

2:00pm on the  English server Northern Lights

1:00 AM on the Russian server Буран

7:30 AM on the Russian server Аврора

8:30 AM on the German server Handschuhe

10:30 PM on the Russian server Айсберг

Friday, September 26th

6:00 AM on the Russian server олень

11:30 AM on the English server Cloudy

Saturday, September 27
 12:00 PM on the English server Crystal
 2:30 PM on the English server Sled
Sunday, September 28
 9:15 AM on the English server Cozy
 11:15 AM on the server English Chinook

Monday, September 29th

12:00 AM on the Russian server Варежки

5:30 AM on the Russian server Аврора

11:00 PM on the Russian server Буран

1:45 PM on the server Northern Lights

Tuesday, September 30th

8:00 AM on the Russian server Хоккей

10:45 AM on the English server Wool Socks
 2:3 PM on the English server Fog

Wednesday, October 1st

1:00 AM on the Russian server Ледниковый

7:30 AM on the Russian server Аврора

8:30 AM on the German server Handschuhe

9:30 AM on the English server Rainbow

Note: All Meetups are on Penguin Standard Time.

School & Skate Party this September!


Megg has stuck a note at every Penguin’s igloo refering to the September party! Here’s the note:



lt says:

We know how much all of you LOVE school (but actually, how much fun is back to school shopping? Answer: SO MUCH FUN!)

Let’s celebrate all the great things about going back to school – like friends, shopping, and of course, learning!

We’re also helping build schools in Ecuador, Haiti, and India, AND providing backpacks filled with school supplies to students. Cool right?

We’ve got more exciting news coming soon. Stay tuned!

-Club Penguin Team

And Below, The Logo! Are you excited about this party? Or annoyed? l think a Medieval party could have been better, with a room dedicated to school, Or maybe a mini-party.

Please comment your thoughts below!

Frozen Party – Sorry for being offline.

HALLO! lt’s me again! As you may have noticed, l haven’t been online very often. Well, this will change, Because l’m back!

Now, onto the important stuff! The Frozen Party is on! Unluckily, there’s no mascot visiting, but you can watch Elsa perform at her ice Palace! Remember to pick up the Magic snowflakes in every decorated room to be able to earn some fantastic items! Also, Members can transform into Marshmallow or Olaf, and create Magic Snowman Puffles! Remember, Members can use Magic Snowballs to freeze the room, and Everyone can Thaw the snow using the heart emote!

Here’s are some pictures of the rooms:

Snow Forts














And Finally, here’s the ice Palace! Remember to collect Elsa’s Background!


The Frozen Party starts Today!

That’s Right! Today, at night, the Frozen Party begins! To get ready, l gathered some friends and watched the Movie once more! l’m so excited to be able to become Olaf with Elsa’s magic snowflakes! Also, Elsa has MVVbuilt a LOT of ice Palaces for every penguin, even though you’re not a member! How ”Cool” is that? Also, with the new catalog, l changed my igloo to like like Elsa’s and Anna’s home (as childs) and Elsa’s ice Palace! This will be a great home for the Olaf puffles i’ll be building during the Party (and only available during the party) Scroll down for picture of my igloo 🙂

Also, for those people who want to be part of the bad side, Elsa’s snowflakes will turn you into Marshmellow! Everyone get you costumes (or jackets,coats,mittens,scarves!) and prepare for the FROZEN PARTY!


We are having a Frozen Party on the island!

As you may know, a Movie called Frozen came out last uear, and it was well recieved by fans! So this month, the President of Club Penguin and his team, have organized a Frozen Party! Right now, you can get costumes from The Movie at the Clothes shop! Also, some of the cast are coming, for Example, Elsa! Also, Elsa will release Special snowflakes on the island so we get ice powers! Like feezing rooms, or becoming snowmen like Olaf! Aren’t you excited? Because i am so excited, i’ll rewatch the movie right now, so till then, Waddle on!ELs