Can we tip the lce Berg?!

Recently, the new 6th floor on the hotel opened! lt’s very fun, but that’s not the matter. the matter is, on a wall, you can see a picture showing the ice berg tipped! ls this a clue?! ls this the team trolling us? What is this?! All we know is that this was done by Club penguin itself.

tiThis is huge! What do you think? Comment your thoughts below please!


Club penguin invites you to celebrate their anniversary!


Club penguin has invited every penguin to celebrate their 9th year anniversary!

Here’s the invitation:


This was not a very good year for Club Penguin in my opinion, but l’m surely gonna go to the party!

Are you?

Pirate party next month + Fan art video!

Hello penguins!

Today at the Unity Day meetup, Polo Field (Club penguin’s lead community manager) has finally confirmed a pirate party coming next month!

However, that’s not the only news! Polo Field ALSO confirmed Ninja is working on a Fan art video! How cool is that?

Are you excited? l am! Make sure to leave your thoughts below and BOND ON!

New Puffles coming this year!

Hallo penguin pals! Something that caught my attention, was the fact that some new information reached the Club Penguin Wikia!

This information, was about new puffles coming! These will be obtainable from the new Puffle Wild App! Here’s a picture:


There are 14 new puffles coming out! That’s a huge number! There are:

4 Racoon puffles

4 Bunny puffles

4 Reindeer puffles

1 Unicorn puffle

1 Ghost puffle.

Cool huh?This makes it 23 PUFFLES FROM 2014! This is so AWESOME!

What’s your opinion? Comment your thoughts below and Bond on!

New Author – Superice3

Hey Guys! My name’s Superice3, and I’m a new author here on this site!

I’ll be posting regularly, about what’s happening on Club Penguin!

Make sure to follow me on Twitter:


Waddle On!

Halloween 2014 Costume contest – And the Winner is…

The Dragon Costume!

Hallo! Remember the costume contest we had earlier this July? Well, the results came in, and the Dragon costume won!dragon

Unluckily, l already have this costume…Twice! However, l’m happy new players will be able to get it 😀

Members can pick up this Costume on the new Penguin Style catalog coming out tomorrow night!

Are you happy with the results? Comment your thoughts below and Bond on!

Club Penguin School & Skate Party review.

Hallo penguins!

Today l’m back to reviewing Club Penguin’s parties! Today, it’s the School & Skate party’s turn to be judged.

So let’s start by the first point,

1. Tasks.

This party’s, like the Frozen Party’s, task was just a scavenger hunt. This Hunt was completely easy, but a bit harder than the Frozen Party’s. How do you expect me not find an item when there’s a whit outline around it, and it’s on  strange place to be?       This ”task” was a fail.

2. Rooms.

This party only had 9 rooms on the east side of the islnd decorated.This were:

  • Mine Shack
  • School
  • ClassRoom (Party room)
  • Gym Class (Party Room)
  • Forest
  • Plaza
  • Stage (Mall)
  • Pizza parlor
  • Skate Park (New Room-Party Room)

This is pretty reasonable, since the School is on that side of the island. However, the cove wasn’t decorated, and l think Club Penguin lost a great chance there.

3. ltems

Once again, we face the ”Only-head-and-hand-items-for-non-members” Virus.

Oddly, there was  face item, but it just seems a sketch Club Penguin didn’t finish. Also an igloo was given to every penguin.

The items this party were pretty good, but l’m really hoping for a Non-Member body item.

4. Reasons/Storyline

This party did have a reason, which was to donate for countries such as Haiti and Ecuador to help build schools!

This was something  very nice from Club Penguin, but did we really need a WHOLE party for this? Also, Rookie didn’t have time to control the school? More like Club Penguin was too lazy to make two different classes.

This party is a good one, but l wish there was something to do in it. l still suggest you play on the App, if you have iOS, since there’s much more fun (Penguins changing color in Art Class and becoming bigger on science class) As well as the skation effects. l give this party a 7.50/10

What’s your opinion on this party? Please make sure to comment below and Waddle on!