Halloween party 2014 Walkthrough!


The Halloween party has begun on Club Penguin, and it sure is full of great surprises!

This walkthrough will be divided into 3 parts! The first one will be:


One week before the party started, players got greeted by Gary, and the one and only Gariwald Vlll!speak

speak1 lobby gym roof

That’s pretty much it for now! Check back on the 22nd to see Week 1!



Welcome back to the party walkthrough!

This week you’ll be greeted by Gary (seen below)

speak speak1speak3

After speaking with Gary, go to the hotel to meet the new Bellhop!


After speaking to Skip, go to the Basement (pictured below)


Here, you’ll have to turn the generator on, by pulling the lever. Keep clicking on them until you achieve it.


This is how it should look like:


After doing this, go to the elevator (on the left) and to the 12th floor.


This is what should appear:


After that, go back to the elevator and into the 4th floor. Here’s you’ll have to turn off the lights by throwing snowballs at the



After you’re done, you need to grab the piece!


Once you’re done with that, you have achieved your mission! You can visit the 5th floor, and check out the floating ghost bags!

These will lead you to the item menu.


Now, you can go to the 6th floor! The Dining room! ln here, you have to change the order of those plates in order to give light to the lock on the wall!


lt should look like this!


Now you can go to the 7th floor! This one is easy. You just need to follow the pattern marked in a red circle in the picture below.

When you finish, you’ll get a new piece for Gariwald’s machine!


Now, you can go to the pool room!


When you’re done, you can go to the library! Here you have to go past the mze and press the button!


Once you press the button, go the get your piece!


Hope you enjoyed this part of the walkthrough!

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