Star Wars Rebels Takeover – Review


Happy new year! lol, so late.

Anyway, recently, the Star wars rebels takeover begun on CP, yay?

ok, so let’s start!


Ok, so, the rooms! There are just 7 rooms. yep, 7. Plus, a SECRET room no one knows ab-

What?, Everyone knows about it? Ok –

Well…. Moving on!

Even though this rooms may look fantastic to Star Wars Rebels fans who know about the rooms, they they are not that great honestly. Some of them look empty ,Snow Forts, for example.



Oh yeah right…..



There was so much to complete like the tasks we all feel we’ve completed before! Also, those totally not repetitive lightsaber battles! l almost forgot the final mission which made no sense to the storyline anyway! which takes me to…



Oh, the beatiful storyline! A strange ship from Star Wars appears on CP, right when we are about to get invaded! Also, how Kanan can send you messages even though he’s supposed to be trapped! Wait what?!


Final score:


Way to start the year -_-


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