2014 in Club Penguin – Puffles in review


AMAZlNG! 2015 starts this Thursday! How exciting!

Today, l’m going to talk about…….. PUFFLES!

That wasn’t so Dramatic cause you probably read it on the title :/

Anyways, this year 24 puffles appeared on the island! Thanks PH

Out of this 24 puffles, only 2 of them were originals. This post will be divided by puffles, and the new features.

So, moving on!


Dino Puffles! The first group of puffles in 2014! There were a total of 6 puffles in 2014.


As you can see, all of them have different colours, but not different designs. The Design changed every 2 puffles, and you couldn’t even choose colours! Also, there weren’t new colours, just the same as before with a small twist, which another puffle would already have! l think only 3 puffles with different designs would’ve been enough. Also,they all have the same dancemove and Puffle Digging action! Just jumping. ln my opinion not the best move.


Cat and dog, the most cliched pets EVER, not that i don’t like them, but like the Dinosaurs, not creative at all.


Like the dino puffles, no new colours, no new dance moves, just blue and orange puffles with a twist. They do have however Different Digging actions.


Snowmen puffle. This puffle would go in the creative puffles list, if it wasn’t Olaf, from Frozen.


The Olaf Puffle was the first puffle in 2014 to appear alone. This puffle doesn’t have a new colour. lt’s just another white puffle with a twist! The Olaf puffle does however, have a unique dance action, and puffle digging action.


The first puffle to enter the original puffles list in 2014. New Colour, New Digging animation, new personality

ghost puffle

However, he doesn’t have a new dance action, and let’s not forget it’s dead…..


The wild Puffles. What can l say about them? Let’s see….


Not Creative! No new colours, no new dance moves, no original ideas, just existing animals, turned into puffles (4 each animals) and given different colours. Something CP has been doing this year is recoloring. lt was fun when all the puffles had different new colours, new personality, new dance moves and recently new Digging actions.. These have none of the things l mentioned before. l’m completely dissapointed with Club Penguin.


lt’s Awesome to be Rare,but what a pity that you’re not.


Once again, Club Penguin is recoloring! Remember the Medieval party last year? Yep, the Unicorn Puffle was a transformation. So they just got the cutout, recolored it,added a beak (?) and made it a puffle. Also, this puffle wasn’t rare. lt just came from the same app with other 12 puffles! This puffle has the same Digging action and  dance action as the Wild Puffles.


The second original Puffle of the year. New Colour, new digging action, New Material.

Blue crystal

This Puffle does however, have the same dancing action as the others.


The Worst Part about 2014 with Puffles was taking care of Puffles. No, none of the new puffles have an interface, so you have to walk them to the Puffle Park, or hotel to take care of them. That’s absolutely annoying! l hope CP doesn’t make this mistake next time!


Puffle Digging is great feature, but most puffles dig the same items, and it’s not that fun anymore. l hope there are new items next year!

That’s My Review on Puffles from 2014! l think however, they should be careful on how many Puffles they make! 24 is too much!

Waddle on and….



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