2014 in Club Penguin – An year in review.

Hello Penguins!

Today we’re gonna Recapping 2014 in Club Penguin! l’m gonna review it in many different aspects.

1 – PARTlES:

Parties in 2014. Should we call them parties? Or Complete dissapoinments?! (Note: The Violetta statement is a joke)

Prehistoric: Lack of fun – Some decorations – New Puffles – MEDlUM

The Fair: Fun- Enjoyable – Things to do – GOOD

Muppets: Unoriginal – Not fun – Some decorations -Not much to do – BAD

Puffle Party: Fun – No Domains – New puffles – Not much to do – MEDlUM

Future Party: Fun – Some deocorations – Not much to do – MEDlUM

Penguin Cup: Enjoyable – Not much to do – Not many decorations – MEDlUM

”Music Jam”: Few room – Violetta – Not much Music – Not much to do – Barely a Music Jam – HORRlBLE

Frozen Party: Nothing to do – No Mascot – Unoriginal – Easy – New Puffle – BAD

School & Skate: School – Not much to do – New Room – Some decorations – BAD

Halloween Party: Many decorations – Reused decorations – Great storyline – Fun – Enjoyable – GOOD

Pirate Party: Some decorations – Storyline? – Not Much to do – BAD

Merry Walrus: Some decorations – Reused rooms – Not Much to do – New Puffle – No lights or Fireworks – BAD


A Graphic showing the parties overall


This year, a total of 24 Puffles have been released! Just 2 of them were original. There were way too many puffles.

These can only be taken care of my Members, so when your membership expires, you can’t walk them, or play with them.

Also, none of the new puffles can be taken care of at your igloo! This is probably just a way for Club Penguin to get you to go to the new, unecessary rooms.

puffle year

Most of the puffles are animals, making them completely boring. They all have the same personality too. The only 2 puffles which can be considered original, are the ghost and Crystal puffles. Let me just point out one of them is dead…

3 – THE APP:

The Club Penguin app has been released on the Android devices, but apparently, the app means trouble to the online

version! Why? According to an interview in Riffycp.com’s interview with Polo Field, the reason there are barely ANY decorations on CP, is because, apparently. the app is their top priority. Problem? lt shouldn’t! The Main priority should be the Online game! For Example, this year we WON’T be any fireworks during New year’s eve, because it’s too hard to add it to the app! This is terrible, and the worst thing CP could do!  The App should not add limits to the game, but destroy them! Also, this is proof the CP team is lazy. A Proper Disney game should just go with it. lt’s hard to appreciate their help when barely anything good has been done. Some people are suggesting CP to add only the important part of the party to the app. l think this is a GREAT idea, and CP should go with it.

So, that is my 2014 Club penguin review! Thank you very much for reading, and now it’s time for the final score!


Bad Parties – Too Many Puffles – Barely any fun

Hope you enjoyed!

– 007 Bond 50


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