Club Penguin Creativity EXCLUSIVE : Purple unicorn puffle?!

Hallo penguins! Today, while watching the  Unicorn Puffle Music Video l noticed something odd in the Unicorn puffle’s house.

ln the background, you can see many YELLOW  unicorn puffle pictures, but one of them caught my eye. lt was a Unicorn puffle, but it wasn’t yellow, with light blue hair. lt was PURPLE with black hair, and what appears to be yellow tips (or vice versa)!


Before you say anything. lt can’t be the lighting, since other pictures can be seen normally, and it’s not a normal purple puffle. lt’s a legit Purple unicorn puffle! We’ve seen yellow, white and black unicorn puffles, now, there will be a purple one!


Better Quality

Better Quality

waaaaaThis leads to my question. ls this a hint for a new puffle, maybe coming with a new Puffle Wild update? Maybe a future Transformation?

What do you think of this discovery?

Will it be obtainable?

Comment your thoguhts below!


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