Parties Review – Frozen party!

Hallo Penguins! Today as a surprise, l decided to review the Frozen Party/Takeover and it’s conceps!

1. Tasks.

Something many penguins dislike to do is something the Frozen party made us do: TASKS.

What did we have to do? Collects plainly visible snowflakes to get items, which is not really entretaining!

2. Rooms.

This party had some very good decorated rooms, such as the dock or the cove! However, something which it and most new parties lack is the decoration of the inside of rooms. When you look at the plaza you may think

Oh Look! The Pet Shop must be decorated!

And then you enter it. Nothing. This is something that needs to be changed! There’s barely any decorations on the inside of rooms!

3. Waiting.

This one is one of the most important things to talk about. This one covers basically ALL parties on 2014. Always waiting for something to happen, such as waiting for a character to appear/perform (Future Party – Frozen Party – Music Jam 2014 to mention some) or for a new item (all parties 2014). This is not funny! There needs to be something to do other than waiting!

4. ltems.

Here there are 2 cases:What l find ilogicall

A) Non-Members:

These items are mostly head or hand items, and there have been NON non members Body items this year, and that’s pretty boring. You can’t wear all items you collected at the same time! That’s very unfair! Also, Non Members can’t use Transformations, something l’ll adress later on.

B) Members:

These items, unlike Non-Member items, are mostly body items only! Something ven worse, They make your penguing look weird and fat!

5. Transformations.

At the Frozen party there were 2 different transformation: Olaf and Marshmallow. What l dislike about this is, lf they’re gonna have TWO Transformations, why not make one for Non-Members? Seriously!

6. Storyline/Reasons

The Frozen party had no proper storyline. Why did ”Frozen” come to the island? There’s no other reason than ”Aunt Artic invited them for no reason at all”

Those are all my concers about this party.

Be sure to comment your thoughts below!


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