The Frozen Party starts Today!

That’s Right! Today, at night, the Frozen Party begins! To get ready, l gathered some friends and watched the Movie once more! l’m so excited to be able to become Olaf with Elsa’s magic snowflakes! Also, Elsa has MVVbuilt a LOT of ice Palaces for every penguin, even though you’re not a member! How ”Cool” is that? Also, with the new catalog, l changed my igloo to like like Elsa’s and Anna’s home (as childs) and Elsa’s ice Palace! This will be a great home for the Olaf puffles i’ll be building during the Party (and only available during the party) Scroll down for picture of my igloo 🙂

Also, for those people who want to be part of the bad side, Elsa’s snowflakes will turn you into Marshmellow! Everyone get you costumes (or jackets,coats,mittens,scarves!) and prepare for the FROZEN PARTY!



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