Saquatch? Or not at all?

Lately, a strange creature has been found on Club Penguin Files at the EPF , this creature hs been called ”Saquatch” by penguins. Also, according to some penguins, this creature was seen on the island, walking. Here’s an interview with a penguin who met the Saquatch on the island:


CPC: Hello.

Metsas-quatch: Hello.

CPC: Tell me, you met this strange creature on the island?

Metsas-quatch: Yes, it was very creepy.

CPC: How did it look like?

Metsas-quatch: Well, it was very hairy! Brown fur,beard, and it had a beak.

CPC: A Beak?!

Metsas-quatch: Yes, a penguin beak. Also, it was wearing a Beta Hat.

CPC: Hmm, a Beak and a Beta Hat? Anything else which you found remarkable about this strange creature?

Metsas-quatch: Yes, it gave me this background!

CPC: Thank you very much Metsas, hope to see you soon! Bye!


What Could this mean? A Beak and a Beta Hat?

What we know for sure:

  • Has a beak, which means this creature could be some sort of Penguin.
  • Has a Beta Hat, which probably means this creature was here for a long time.
  • Has a Beard.
  • Has a Background.

Here is a picture of the creature found in the Forest:



Gary made some research and disocvered a full body image of the creature, however,there’s no name for it:


Finally, here’s a picture of this creature at the Mine Shack.



Hmm, is this creature really a Sasquatch? He could be just a penguin who got lost after the Beta test Party, but what’s with the claws? Could this creature be living on the cave at the mountain?

Remember to tune in for the latest news about this creature!



2 thoughts on “Saquatch? Or not at all?

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