New Game called Sled Racer!

The President of Club Penguin have decided to open a new game at the Tallest Mountain called ”Sled Racer”. To be honest, it’s really dangerous! First because of the fact that it’s the tallest mountain, and also with this creature waddling around…

However, there are radars around the mountain to see your score (how far you sled down).Even though it’s really dangerous, some penguins really enjoy, for example penguins who don’t get so hurt because they get scores over 1000! Unlike me.

Also, while the Helicopter was taking me to the top, a strange puffle could be seen.This puffle looked like a moose, or a reindeer. Maybe this creature was found by PH and is planned to become adoptable during the Frozen Party  coming this month, due to it looking a lot like Sven (A Main character of the film whose costume is available at the Clothes shop).

The strange puffle....

The strange puffle….


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